Paul Heller

Chief executive officer, brings to the company 42 years of experience as the founding and senior managing partner of a Chicago, Illinois law firm that specializes in consumer and commercial collection litigation. His clients have included the City of Chicago, Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, Peoples Energy Corporation/Integrys, and many other financial institutions and business enterprises.

Michael Heller

Chief operating officer, has a legal background coupled with work experience in the legal department of Bear Stearns & Company, a New York investment banking firm, and has co-authored a book on digital and computer solutions for the US District Court system and state and local legal aid programs.

Jason O’Brien

Chief information officer and our resident computer guru, was the director of IT services for Angel Learning, Inc., and was principally involved in creating the company’s online hosted environment that was eventually purchased by Blackboard, Inc. for over $100 million. Mr. O’Brien is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Administrator, and previously served as a vice president of Shared Application Services for JP Morgan Chase Bank

Jason Miles

Chief technology officer, is an experienced software architect and developer, and is proficient in data access technologies, software development lifecycle, object-oriented programming, and n-tier design principles. Mr. Miles has developed software systems for APEX Media/Cross Media Works, Take Charge America, Inc. and the State of Arizona.